ManagementExcellence, Inc. (MEI) has a solid track record in providing management services to membership organizations, bringing a unique set of skills and expertise to the table. We work in conjunction with several strategic partners who have specific expertise in public relations, advertising, direct mail, membership databases – not to mention banking and not-for-profitaccounting.
Strategic planning is an integral part of the MEI management tool kit. We have 25+years experience of helping organizations decide where they want to go, what they want to do when they get there and making sure that it happens.
MEI tailors its management services to the design of an association’s strategic plan. All are tailored to produce good, solid day-to-day results that accomplish the mission, goals and objective purposes of the association. They integrate the association’s services, programs, publications and events to produce a product whose sum is greater than its parts. (See a list of our services.)

MEI is located in Dayton, Ohio, center of the second largest 90-minute market in the country. Our downtown offices are a convenient 15 minute drive from the Dayton International Airport.
We are an easy walk from major hotel properties and convention center. In combination, these offer clients access to large and small meeting rooms, sleeping accommodations, banquet services and facilities, and convention and exhibit space.

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