MEI provides management for a wide variety of association publications. These include newsletters; magazines; annual and statistical reports; buyers’ guides; membership directories; membership or other promotional brochures; and informational books, pamphlets and monographs.
Editorial Content: MEI will work with designees of the association to determine editorial calendar, and editorial focus and content.
Advertising: MEI will handle advertising sales, including development of advertising policies, development of a potential advertisers list for targeted sales efforts, solicitation of advertisements, and collection of advertising revenues.
Writing and Editing: MEI will write and edit a publication’s text in one (or a combination) of three ways: download articles and news reports for editing based on environmental scanning; download for editing articles and stories written by association members and freelance writers; write and edit original material.
For any of the three ways MEI will copy-edit, spell-check and format the text for typesetting and production.
Graphic Design: MEI uses ancillary service vendors for publication design.
Printing: MEI uses a variety of printing vendors – both quick printers and full-fledged printing houses – depending on the item being published, the quality needed, and the budget available for its publication.
Distribution: MEI will handle distribution of publications, including preparation of mailing labels, distribution of order forms, and actual mailing and order fulfillment.
Copyright: Though MEI may manage, write, and coordinate the publishing required or specified by an association, publications are the property of the association, and only the association will have the right to obtain copyright protection. MEI will exercise this right on the association’s behalf, and will exercise its best efforts to preserve and protect the copyright once obtained.