The most important component of successful management is development of a strategic plan based on the purposes and needs of an association and its members. Such a plan:

Defines the mission of the association in clear language
States its short and long range goals and objectives
Solicits input from the association’s leaders, committees and members
Uses bottom-up and top-down input
Gets daily use in all decisions made by the association and its managers, rather than gathering dust

From this overall plan spring the unique and more immediate action plans we use to manage an association’s affairs. These plans are tailored to support the individual organization, not just clones of ideas that have worked well for other clients. We don’t necessarily expect an association to come to us with a strategic plan in hand. However, if an association doesn’t yet have one, or doesn’t have an up-to-date one, we will assist the association in framing or updating it.
MEI is not at all like the shoemaker’s children who had no shoes. MEI has and adheres to its own strategic plan. This allows us, on a daily basis, to determine the tactics and logistics needed to achieve our goals; the profile of our ideal client and portfolio of clients; the models for corporate and staff growth that will be needed as we succeed.
Because of our strategic plan and staff participation in our own decision-making, MEI presents this proposal with two assurances: First, we can “hit the ground running” with a fully developed plan of action for the conduct of your business. Second, knowledgeable staff will always be available at your MEI office headquarters.