The basis of any organization is its philosophy, the set of principles that consistently anchor its conduct. Ours is quite simple:
An uncompromising commitment to excellence, both in our service to clients and in our own corporate conduct.
This commitment means:
Doing the best job possible by effectively managing limited resources within an approved budget and program. Every membership organization must accomplish its purposes by best utilizing these limited resources – finances, time, and skills. It is MEI’s commitment to every client to assist in this effort by first analyzing the extent of available resources, then devising a plan, program, and budget to employ those resources in the most effective manner.
Serving our clients’ and our own best interests with a lean, flexible organization. We do this by using a staff of association management experts plus a variety of vendors of quality ancillary services (e.g., mass mailing, graphic arts, typography, printing) as committed to achieving excellence as we are. In this way, MEI ensures that clients receive performance and products at reasonable cost.
The active participation of all our employees in decision-making and conduct of clients’ business as well as our own. This makes them committed participants in all endeavors. It ensures continuation of services by motivated, knowledgeable staff despite travel, vacation, or illness. Finally and perhaps most important of all, this participation encourages the exchange of suggestions, ideas, and critiques necessary to improving projects and activities.
Effective communication between our staff and client leaders, and between the client and its members. This is reflected in many ways: Regular reporting to client leaders – in writing and in person. An active program of member services. The finest possible graphics in every piece of printed material. The most effective promotion of membership, meeting attendance, and non-dues revenue activities. In short, excellence in productivity and unity of purpose is best achieved through communication.