We are managers who stick to our knitting – management. We employ a simple organizational structure, favoring ancillary service artisans over burdensome overhead.
Each of our clients is assigned three managers – an Executive Associate (subject to the client’s approval of the actual staff member assigned) as overall client manager, an Administrative Coordinator as programs/projects manager, and an Administrative Assistant as work production manager. Their focus is on efficient, effective conduct of day-to-day business, on delivery of member services, on development of programs, and on special projects.
The job of ancillary service vendors is to produce production services (the mailing of hundreds of pieces, design and preparation of communication materials, the printing of publications), but always under the management, guidance and approval of MEI’s staff.
In this way, MEI doesn’t burden its clients with overhead costs of highly specialized equipment, technically skilled artisans, and space to house them. Even in a multi-client environment, such services and products are needed only occasionally. MEI therefore hires these services on an as needed basis at much lower cost. And vendors’ charges are never marked up, never treated as MEI profit centers. The savings achieved are instead passed on to clients.
The resulting delivery structure is one of simple form, lean staff, combining management expertise with technical expertise, cost effectively and efficiently serving our clients’ and our own best interests.