Office Services
Headquarters Office: MEI’s offices, and thus the client’s headquarters, are located in downtown Dayton, Ohio, 15 minutes from the Dayton International Airport, and a short walk from major hotel properties (Crowne Plaza and Hilton) and a newly expanded convention center.
MEI’s offices are suitable for small meetings of 8 or fewer participants at a conference table. Some additional participants can be accommodated with perimeter seating. For larger groups, or for when food/refreshment functions will accompany the meeting, appropriately sized meeting room space would be rented.

Administrator: MEI assigns an Executive Associate to serve as the overall client manager, responsible for the day-to-day management and operation of the client’s business. This person will also serve as the client’s chief operating officer, with a title of the client’s choice and subject to its approval of the individual assigned. This person will be an experienced association manager, skilled in organizational management, financial management, membership management, governance, communications, and meeting and exhibit planning, management and coordination.
Support Staff: The Executive Associate will be directly assisted by an Administrative Coordinator (as programs/projects manager), and by an Administrative Assistant (as work production manager), as well as by other MEI supporting staff, to implement the policies, procedures, services and programs approved by the client association.
This three-tier structure of management, coordination and administration ensures that each client has at least three individuals familiar with its programs and activities, providing appropriate back-up and a high level of quality service.

Advice, Guidance and Counsel
Professional: MEI provides professional advice and guidance to the elected and appointed officers of an association as well as its subgroups. MEI consults with them on problems, concerns, policies, and activities.
Leadership is guiding without ever taking over. To this end we work with association leaders to focus on the strategy of the association rather than on logistics; to identify emerging problems or issues and offer program solutions; to identify new opportunities that support the strategic mission of the association; and to act as liaison with committees so that each knows what the other is doing so that their information, programs and activities can be shared and coordinated.
Management is doing. It follows guiding. It is ensuring the steps decided on in strategy sessions are carried out efficiently and effectively, translating policy into programs. It is preparing written reports for meetings as well as by planning the agenda with the President or committee chair to identify items for inclusion. It is “staffing” meetings and handling all aspects of minutes, from taking and prepar ing them to distribution and submission for review by legal counsel. It is executing decisions by organizing the administrative work needed and making appropriate staff assignments.
Legal Counsel: MEI’s corporate attorney, knowledgeable in matters of general legal concern to membership organizations, is available to our clients.
MEI also has continuing relationships with two law firms specializing in association law – one in general association law and one in anti-trust law as it pertains to associations.

MEI will handle all routine and special correspondence and communications, verbal and written, to and from association members, the association’s interest community, the general public and media, and other specific correspondence and communications as directed by the association.
In addition, MEI will attend such meetings, on the association’s behalf, as are necessary to promote the association and its interests, to receive information important to the association and its members, and to represent the interests of the association.

Supplies and Services: On behalf of the association, MEI will purchase stationery, envelopes, and any other supplies and services it needs. Such purchases will be cost-effective and efficient, needed by and approved in the Annual Program of Activity and Budget, and appropriately used.
Books, Records and Inventory: MEI will take possession of, create and maintain in a proper manner and storage location all of the books, records and inventory of the association. These include, but are not limited to, historical records, financial records, membership records, official corporate records, constitution and bylaws, policies, mailing lists, general and specific files, and the inventory of property and goods.
Under no circumstances will MEI make use of the association’s books, records, or inventory except on behalf of the association, and except to provide it with management services.
The books, records and inventory are insured under MEI’s property insurance with the association as the named insured.