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 Service Checklist
What follows is checklist of MEI’s services available to associations. Use it to select the services your association needs or is interested in. If you are uncertain about which services you need, skip this part of the form, and we will discuss services with you at a later date.

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Office Management

Office Services

Maintain headquarters office


Assign Administrator

Provide support staff

Advice and Counsel

Provide professional advice

Provide legal counsel


Handle correspondence and telephone calls


Purchase supplies and services

Maintain books, records and inventory

Financial Management

Fiscal management

Propose annual program of activity and budget

Maintain accounting records

Write grant proposals and requests

Cash Management

Maintain segregated depository and operating bank accounts

Handle accounts receivable and payable

Make investments


Provide monthly financial statements

Manage annual audit

Prepare and file tax return

Membership Management

Membership Process

Provide Membership Management System

Prepare dues notices

Receipt dues payments

Provide rosters

Provide accounting reports

Membership development

Develop promotion programs

Recruit new members

Provide for new member process

Assist in retention program


Board of Directors and Executive Committee

Provide support



Honor the association governance structure

Publications Management

Advise on editorial content

Manage advertising

Write and edit copy

Manage production

Manage printing

Manage distribution

Maintain copyright for association

Conference and Meeting Management

Provide organization oversight

Provide siteselection

Develop promotion program

Consult on theme, program and format

Manage site logistics

Manage fiscal matters

Manage exhibit sales and management

Provide registration of attendees

Prepare meeting materials

Provide on-site management

Provide post-conference evaluation