We will be glad to develop a fee schedule in response to your specific outline of services required.

Management Fees
MEI charges a fixed fee for its management services, and invoices for it in advance. Invoices are due and payable the first of each month. an invoice due on September 1, for example, would include the management fee for the month of September.

In addition to management fees, MEI invoices in arrears for out-of-pocket and other reimbursable expenses. Invoices are due and payable the first of each month. an invoice due on September 1 for example, would include the reimbursable expenses for the month of August.
Reimbursable expenses would include, but not be limited to: telephone service charges (local and long distance call charges, telephone lines and equipment, directory listings and advertising); travel expenses (transportation, lodging, meals); MMS monthly processing and storage charges; postage and postage equipment; office supplies purchased solely for association’s use; and photocopies.
These at-cost (no mark-up) reimbursable expenses are included in the monthly invoice, along with appropriate back-up material to document all charges.

There is a one-time programming and conversion charge to install the association’s membership records into the Membership Management System database. This charge will be determined after reviewing the current status of the membership records and selection of the most efficient, cost-effective method for their installation (re-key stroking all entries, "reading" magnetic tape or disk, downloading via telecommunication).
Beyond normal inflation and other causes that would necessitate increased management fees in future years, to the extent that new programs and services proposed or undertaken by MEI generate additional revenues for the association, MEI will ask that its fee be increased commensurate with its success in these program or service areas.
Additionally, there are programs and services for which MEI is willing to be compensated in direct relation to its ability to generate revenue. for example, if the revenue for a conference would exceed some agreed upon amount because of MEI’s effort, then MEI would be paid an agreed upon amount of the excess in recognition of its contribution. Or, as another example, MEI is willing to be paid a commission for advertising sales.
These and all such fee agreements would be negotiated in advance of the actual program or chronological period.

Contract Terms
The basis for MEI’s relationship with its clients is a contract detailing the services to be provided, the fees to be paid, and all agreements between it and the client. (A pro forma contract will be provided upon request.)
For the management of the association, MEI prefers to begin with a contract intended by both parties to be for a term of three years. It has been our experience that in the beginning of new management, whether as a substitute for in-house or volunteer management or in replacement of another management firm, it is more important to focus on programs and plans than on continually re-assessing the decision regarding management. A three-year contract helps resolve this issue. For the first year of the contract, the fees would be agreed to by both parties.
For the second and third years of the contract, the fees would be proposed as part of the annual program and budget recommendation for approval.
Because three years may otherwise seem like a long time, MEI’s contracts provide for a 90-day cancellation clause that can be invoked by the client at any time. This encourages MEI to work hard throughout the length of the contract to provide a high level of service pleasing to the client.