We are providing you with a description of current clients and former clients as well as a list of client contacts and other references.

Association of Destination Management Executives
Entering its 10th year, this professional membership association decided it was time to secure a full service association management firm to take over from one of its founders. A search was conducted and MEI was selected from 40 management companies. In the past five years MEI has helped ADME grow its membership by 37%; dramatically increase its continuing education program through series of webinars; introduce an accreditation program that within the first two years that has been accepted by convention & visitor bureaus; and grown its reserves through these and other non-dues revenue sources.
Type of service provided: full-service management
Term of involvement: January 2005 to present, with continuing contract

AmSAT Logo
AmSAT (American Society for the Alexander Technique)
spacer AmSAT is the largest professional organization of teachers of the Alexander Technique in the United States. AmSAT-certified teachers have completed a comprehensive training over a minimum of three years at an AmSAT approved teacher training course, as specified in the AmSAT Bylaws. Continuing education is a requirement for ongoing AmSAT membership.
spacerMEI helped move AmSAT from a staffing model to a full professional management services relationship; as part of the transition, MEI instituted an effective membership communication program, established a solid graphic equity, and built an online bookstore. Now that the AmSAT Board is free of operational concerns, MEI is leading them through a full strategic planning process.
spacerType of service provided: full service management
spacerTerm of involvement: January 2009 to present, with continuing contract


National Association of Nephrology Technicians / Technologists

These health care professionals came to MEI for management in 1995. In less than eighteen months their membership doubled and the chapters increased by 60%. Relationships with industry assistance improved significantly, as demonstrated by increases in sponsorship dollars. A scholarship program for the conference was initiated in 1996 and increased sevenfold.
In 2001, NANT held its conference separately from the American Nephrology Nurses Association, growing exhibit participation more than 100% in five years. Registration at the most recent Annual Symposium increased 25% from the previous year. An on-line contact hour program was introduced in 2003.  With the CMS Conditions of Coverage providing a Federal mandate for technician certification, NANT is on the front line of educating technicians preparing for the national certification exams with both study programs and unique publications. NANT is also creating effective continuing education programs for technician recertification.
Type of service provided: full-service management
Term of involvement: January 1995 to present, with continuing contract

AIA Logo
Ultrasonic Industry Association

An association that represents manufacturers of both low and high power ultrasonic equipment, academicians in the field and representatives of end-users, UIA was looking for management that understood the balancing act of meeting the needs of a wide range of members. Beginning with a strategic planning meeting, MEI has helped UIA identify a useful tag line to describe its services, increase attendance at its annual symposium by 200% and use the revenue/expense from the symposium to fund other association programs.
Type of service provided: full service management
Term of involvement: April 2004 to present, with continuing contract

Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Show
Originally owned by a trade show management company which wanted to divest itself of this show, AMTS is now produced by the Dayton Regional Manufacturing Association (DRMA). Their staff had no experience in managing a 300+ booth tradeshow. MEI is providing show management to this show which is now locally owned and produced. We have introduced updated technology with online registration and interactive floorplan, clean and crisp graphic identity and a close working relationship with DTMA staff – all previously lacking from the Canadian show management company.
Type of service provided: trade show management
Term of involvement: July 2005 to present

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In addition to its current clients, MEI is proud of its affiliation with the following former clients:

North American Society for Corporate Planning
A professional society for corporate and strategic planners for Fortune 500 companies, this organization realized significant growth during its five years with MEI. Starting with a budget of $100,000 and 1,650 members, it increased to a budget size of $780,000 and 4,500 members. Approximately 10% of its budget was from non-dues revenue in the beginning; that increased to 57% in the same period. NASCP merged with another planning organization in 1985 to create The Planning Forum. MEI provided transitional services and special project management for the Planning Forum's 1986 annual conference.

Titanium Development Association
A trade association with 200+ corporate, affiliate and individual members, TDA was started in 1983-84 with MEI's help. It achieved 95% representation of its North American universe prior to expanding its membership to include international companies. In 1986 it hosted the first International Conference on Titanium Products and Applications, which brought 500 people from 18 countries, including the former Soviet Union, Japan, England and Germany. MEI provided full service management from Summer 1983 to Spring 1992. A focus on technical marketing resulted in an Executive Director being appointed from the membership.

Ohio Society of Hospital Pharmacists
A professional society, OSHP chose in part to celebrate their 50th anniversary in 1989 by engaging professional management for all aspects of their society. Within the first six months we helped to develop a new logo and assisted with the planning and implementation of the 50th anniversary meeting, netting a 60% increase in core registrants and a 75% increase in exhibiting companies. Short range goals included providing a management structure to support planned membership and program growth.
MEI provided meeting management from October 1988 to March 1989 for the 50th Anniversary meeting and full service management from January 1989 to April 1991.

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The following list of current client contacts includes named individuals along with their position titles and current telephone numbers. They welcome your personal calls about our high level of service.

American Society for the Alexander Technique
Carol Boggs / Immediate Past Chair

Association of Destination Management Executives International
Susan Gray / Past President and Certification and Accreditation Board member

Kevin Brewer / President 2010-2011

National Association of Nephrology Technicians / Technologists
Jim Curtis / Past President and Editor, Water Treatment for Dialysis

Heather Paradis / Past President

Ultrasonic Industry Association
Ron Manna / Past President and Symposium Committee Chair

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The individuals listed below are representative of our current and former clients' leadership. They welcome your personal calls about our high level of service.

Sam Thompson, DMCP
Past President and Search Committee Chair / Association of Destination Management Executives
President / metroConnections, Inc.
1219 Marquette Avenue Suite 110
Minneapolis, MN 55403  USA

David S. Clarkson
Past Statistics Committee Chairman / Titanium Development Association
President / VisionMark, Inc.
2309 Industrial Drive
Sidney, OH 45365

David Evans
Legal Counsel / Reed Smith Shaw & McClay
1301 K Street NW, Suite 1100-East Tower
Washington, D.C. 20005

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